Collaboration with Artists of the World

The variety of international music that we listen to has greatly influenced our music and lyrics. The instruments, the arrangement, the flow and acts that are involved with international music is pure bliss and keeps us asking for more. The passion we have for international music has given us a thought and a theme – Music Without Borders.

We worked with our record label and band manager to get in touch with artists who would love to collaborate with us and produce music for our next album…. Yes, you guessed it right – Music Without Borders. We have singers and musicians from different countries adding their flavour to our sound of rock music which would truly be new and unheard of.

A lot of effort and time has spent collaborating to produce this new album. Expect it to be out in the next few months. The initial mixing and results are just mind blowing. Watch this space for the release and for the names of these international stars. Peace.